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Offers are subject to availability and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion, special offer or coupon. I thought NRMA would act in my best interests but obviously that was not their intention. Now I get a letter from a third party that I have never elected to deal with and have to relive the accident all over again by comprehensively explaining how it unfolded.

Describing the sound of metal on metal scrapping, pieces of metal flying past the windscreen, the sight of circular indentations made by the bolt covers along the side panels of my car, the sound of the drivers side mirror being collected, the front bumper unhinged. No one suffered a physical injury but I still relive that event every day. I can still hear the smashing glass and grinding metal on metal. I still feel sick if I see a driver is not keeping within their own lane and worry about being collected by cars that come too close to my car.

Insurance is about having peace of mind rather than re traumatising the aggrieved. In this case I can appreciate the need for more information but why use an entity better known as a debt collection agency than an in-house agent to gather this information? It seems the trauma will never end and NRMA are not looking after me. I had an accident due to a police chase of a stolen vehicle.

The damage to my car happened as I tried to avoid running someone over on the road when they lost control and crashed. In order to avoid running someone over I pulled hard to the right which made me crash in to the barrier. I have been driving on the spare saver for the last 5 weeks as my front right tire was damaged in the accident. I can guarantee you I will never get reimbursement for the new tyre. I can tell you that I will be canceling both of my car insurance and my income protection insurance with NRMA as soon as my car gets fixed hopefully in Next step, I am taking the matter to the QLD ombudsman hoping to get this matter resolved.

There are so many times when one can complain and speak to NRMA customer services.

Terrible service and terrible company!!!! I would never recommend NRMA to anyone. Run away from NRMA!!! I have a simple claim to get not-at-fault repairs on my car done. I am not insurerd with NRMA as it was there customer who hit my car. Not only do they put you on hold for hours before bothering to answer, with an insulting line "we know your time is valuable" playing over and over again. Do you only have bloody one person on the claims line working?

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Most of the people Ive had experience through their phone line barely know english and its almost as if they have a script and thats all they can say. They expect you to do everything without even telling you what to do exactly. This company is a money making machine and their aim is to frustrate people to the point of not bothering to deal with NRMA anymore.

They have no human emotions involved in the way they treat you. On both the phone and in their shop i was treated like absolute dirt and a nuisance. I am not a rude or negative person either. To top it off they have the audacity to say "you should join our company, we care about our customers". You have certainly convinced me otherwise by the way youve treated me in my brief interactions. Any insurer would be better than you. I want a simple repair done. Or compensation for the horrible accident i was involved in. Even just some sympathy and understanding would be nice.

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And they could not care less. A shame.

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I had a simple not at fault claim. It took NRMA 3 months to resolve it. Even after being forced to pay extra for choice of repairer as their nominated repairer was not available or capable, it took 2 months to get an outcome. NRMA would only cash settle, refusing to pay the repairer directly or offer any warranty on the repair. They claimed a bullbat fitted t to he car was not airbag compatible - the manufacturer was happy to supply documentation it was. They refused to provide the quote from the repairer, and refused to tell me the cash settlement amount.

Seriously - they would only cash settle without telling me how much the repair value was or what they would pay. Someone recently hit the back of my wifes car. The other driver was at fault and also had NRMA insurance.

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I lodged a claim online and then phoned to arrange a hire car. I spoke to a guy who wasn't based in Australia and couldn't understand what I was saying properly. I requested a car that could fit 3 baby seats like my Nissan Pathfinder and they arranged a car that only had 2 anchor points. I've wasted 4 hours trying to fix this and I've been on hold for 1 hour and 19 minutes and counting. I can understand outsourcing to try and save money, but NRMA should ensure that you deliver a certain level of service. It is with great sadness to write this review after being a loyal customer for 20 years but over the past years NRMA has declined in the customer service and care factor.

Didn't happen, when tried to call was put on hold many times for numerous hours, only to talk to people that aren't even in Australia and don't care!!!!! Going to shop for a more Aussie based insurance company that actually can work with us. So disappointing and still the car is not repaired.

I made a complaint on their website that said 24 hour response, but still waiting a week later for a reply. I pay a high premium for comprehensive car insurance. Already posted a review about NRMA and now this is my second. Rang them twice and got through to another person who is definitely from overseas and unwilling to really help.

I have my car still sitting in repairs with an estimated repair date on the 28th of June. This is 4 weeks from my initial date of the car accident. I ring up NRMA being quite distressed and they wont do anything to help "sorry mam there's nothing we can do". I'm writing this as a manager told me she would call me back today and didnt. It was the final straw Even when they "promise" you they will - minimum 50 minute hold time to talk to people who barely comprehend English, and therefore any questions you have.

Literally, 50 minutes. I had to keep asking about things they should have been doing. Oh and lastly, they cancel your policy without telling you.

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This was after I called up to combine payments of 2 policies. Steer clear. This company is designed to keep you on hold or provide such a fractured support experience you stop calling to get what is rightfully yours. Once my claim has settled I'll move my insurance policies elsewhere and spend the rest of my days sharing my NRMA experience. I highly suggest others do the same.

My wife recently had a crash with panel damage to the front of our Merc B class. The NMRA assessor wrote it off as repairs would cost more than the market value. Without our knowledge the car was moved from the panel beaters to the NRMA holding yard. We had to make an appointment to go and pick up our personal effects.

When we got there and were taken to the vehicle we found that all of our stuff had been stolen. Then the trouble to get through to anyone, let alone someone who was able to assist without having to pass me on to another section. Minimum hold time was 45 minutes - worse than any of the telco's or Centrelink. Now who pays to change the locks on the weekender? I held off writing a review for many years as I wasn't sure whether the service would get worse In fact, it's gotten better.

Couldn't have been better. Swapped for a brand new one, newer model too. Took a while but hubby had a great hire car for the entire 3 months fully covered. Got it fixed immediately ourselves, NRMA reimbursed the amount spent on window replacement. Extremely happy with the service over the years. Comprehensive Plus is well worth the extra cost.

Have 2 cars and a home insured with NRMA. Policy was good value, but customer service is not worth it. Lodged a not at fault claim, yet I had to chase up and get everything done. Consultant was extremely rude. He was very arrogant and treated me like an idiot. Will finish out the year and use a different insurance company even if I have to pay more. Cancelled claim and dealt with damage privately. They're never getting my money again. My Jeep Grand Cherokee was stolen and I am calling to extend the hire car, the moment they knew I have a claim.

I was transferred to the claims department. Both my cars are insured with NRMA thinking its the best.. Just got an email for my other car due to renewal and was going to do the mistake of renewing with you.? I need answers and I need to know what's happening with my claim and I need to know what's going to happen when the car hire period ends.

I don't have Facebook to PM you like you tell everyone else here. Call me back please M. I have been disappointed with the service I have received in the process of my claim.. I sent a complaint through via email with no response and then I rang and spoke to one of your consultants and was promised that someone would contact me shortly, but that was a week ago and nothing since, I paid my excess plus car hire and I cant contact anyone to get help in this matter, my insurance is due at the end of this month and I definitely will consider going elsewhere.

Have been on phone since 8 this morning now 2. Whilst travelling around WA, had a mishap with our vehicle. Contacted call centre and greeted by Tara who gave exceptional service!