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This helps define your car's position on the road, and its distance from other drivers. When your vehicle's lighting is defective, other motorists may not get the message that you intend to stop or turn. The end result could be disastrous. A properly maintained vehicle is safer and more dependable and will even save a few dollars at the gas pumps," said the Car Care Council's Executive Director, Rich White.

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Not only can a pre-trip inspection help reduce chances of costly and possibly dangerous road trouble, it also provides an opportunity to have repairs made at home, with one's own technician who knows the vehicle. Especially important, it provides peace of mind. While no inspection can guarantee a car's performance, it's comforting to know proper precautions were taken. Under inflated tires -- When tires aren't inflated properly it's like driving with the parking brake on and can cost a mile or two per gallon. Worn spark plugs -- A vehicle can have either four, six or eight spark plugs, which fire as many as 3 million times every 1, miles, resulting in a lot of heat and electrical and chemical erosion.

A dirty spark plug causes misfiring, which wastes fuel. Spark plugs need to be replaced as recommended by the manufacturer. Dirty air filters -- An air filter that is clogged with dirt, dust and bugs chokes off the air and creates a "rich" mixture -- too much gas being burned for the amount of air, which wastes gas and causes the engine to lose power. Replacing a clogged air filter can improve gas mileage by as much as 10 percent, saving about 20 cents a gallon. Third St.

Forest Park , IL Directions. Bloomingdale , IL Directions.


Court Ave. Jeffersonville , IN Directions. Addison , IL Directions. Franklin Park , IL Directions. Orland Park , IL Directions. Streamwood , IL Directions. New Albany , IN Directions. You can now download brand maps for all our markets. Be sure to also download our Refreshing Rewards Mobile app to help you find any of our stores while you are on the go!

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Thorntons currently operates over stores that provide fresh foods, high quality beverages and fuel in six states: Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. Thorntons LLC is pleased to announce the close of the sale, finalizing the acquisition of Thorntons Inc.

The acquisition was made final on February 11, James H. Thornton opens a single location to retail gasoline in New Albany, Indiana. This began the very rapid growth of a chain of gas stations called Payless. The first Thorntons location opens in Clarksville, Indiana. This original site featured a kiosk building and a full-service attendant. Thornton preserved the idea of providing value to his customers every day from his original Payless brand.

Thorntons transitions from kiosk locations to convenience stores. The chain grows to more than locations. Thorntons revolutionizes the convenience store industry with its new award-winning prototype store, which featured a variety of fast-food products, groceries and beverages within a well-lit, customer-friendly environment. Matt Thornton adds his touch to the industry by introducing a larger facility with an expanded fast-food program and a corner grocery concept, including sparkling restroom facilities.

Thorntons continues to grow and expand, entering the Middle Tennessee market with the opening of a store in Nashville. Technological advances in customer service are celebrated with the launch of the first version of the Thorntons mobile application, created to provide weekly deals to customers on the go, as well as the introduction of the Gas Text Alerts program, keeping customers informed on gas prices. Thorntons operates gasoline and convenience stores, car washes and travel plazas in six states: Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Florida. Thorntons Refreshing Rewards program recognized at one of the top five Loyalty Programs by Paytronix.

Our team-based, high-energy culture is a combination of entrepreneurial spirit and core values centered around our guests.

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We aim to keep our stores cleaner and brighter than others in the industry, with faster and friendlier service from our team members. Our guests are our top priority and we strive to exceed their expectations. Retail is detail! We are passionate about the details of our business, focusing on processes and systems to improve our offerings, service, efficiency and effectiveness. We routinely set targets and seek and provide feedback to make improvements for our team. Our culture is inclusive and we treat everyone with dignity and respect.

We seek out and respond quickly to suggestions and questions from our team members. Our leadership team is available and approachable. We recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of all team members. We believe that recognition accelerates our performance and make Thorntons a great place to work. Although we take our work very seriously, we make the most of lighthearted moments and have a sense of humor about ourselves. With three fleet card offerings, Thorntons has the right solution for your business.

Need additional acceptance? The card is also accepted at 45, service and maintenance locations nationwide. Q: What is the difference between Unleaded 15 and E85? A: Both fuel products consist of gasoline blended with ethanol. The level of ethanol in each fuel is the primary difference. E85 can only be used in Flex Fuel Vehicles.

Q: If my vehicle is approved for the use of Unleaded 15 , does that mean I can use E85? A: If you have a Flex Fuel Vehicle, you can use both products. E85 cannot be used in non-Flex Fuel Vehicles. According to the U. Department of Energy, there are several indicators on your vehicle to determine whether it is capable of using flexible fuel. Thorntons has partnered with federal and state energy and agricultural offices as well as clean air groups, clean cities coalitions, and corn growers associations across the Midwest to provide Unleaded15 and E85 to our guests Check our location finder to see which of our many Thorntons locations offer E Each of our team members is certified through specialized barista training prior to brewing even a single cup.

And we offer a wide array of coffee condiments, including milk and cream options, flavored creamers, flavor shots and sweeteners, all suitable for even the most discriminating coffee drinker. A blend of the best Arabica beans from Central and South America. Dark roasted for a bold coffee with a rich, full but never bitter flavor. Crisp and vibrant, this coffee of Central and South America origins is medium roasted to deliver rich flavor and full aroma with a smooth finish.

Well-balanced, light roasted coffee with a smooth flavor. Our frozen drinks come in a variety of seasonal flavors. From blue raspberry, green apple, cherry, Mt. Dew, Root Beer and many others. Stop in to your nearest Thorntons today to see our latest offerings. And you can customize any drink by adding a flavor shot or two.

Thorntons sells more than 37 million cups of fountain drinks each year At Thorntons, we have everything to need when you are on-the-go! From our roller grill to our deli case, stop in and enjoy some of the good stuff. BIG bold taste! Filling and irresistible, this sandwich makes the meal. Thorntons is taking roller grill options to a whole new level! Our great tasting hot dogs are always hot and ready from our roller grill. From all American classics to spicy originals, Thorntons has what you need. White meat chicken blended with creamy mayonnaise and apple wine vinegar and bits of celery on a buttery, flaky croissant.

Layers of sliced pepperoni, salami, and ham with creamy Provolone cheese on a soft Asiago Italian Roll. Chopped eggs, creamy mayonnaise, and hint of mustard blended together between two slices of soft, sweet white bread. Thorntons has everything you need to fuel your day. When you are on-the-go, grab some of our breakfast sandwiches. Thorntons is taking breakfast to a whole new level by offering freshly made hot sandwiches. This sandwich starts with crispy hickory smoked bacon, a fried egg patty, with melted American cheese on a fresh baked buttermilk biscuit.

This is a delicious way to start your day! We have the perfect breakfast for picking up on-the-go! Enjoy smoked ham and a fried egg patty, with melted American cheese on a fresh baked buttery croissant. Breakfast never tasted so good! Looking for something for that morning snack? Time to feed your hunger with a sausage biscuit. We start with a savory sausage patty and put it on a buttermilk biscuit. Need to take breakfast to the next level? Enjoy this hearty breakfast sandwich made with savory sausage, an egg patty and a slice of American cheese on a buttermilk biscuit.

As we design new stores and update our current locations, Thorntons carefully considers opportunities to improve our environment. In all of our currently remodeled stores as well as all future renovations, we have installed or will install LED cooler lights. We also have selected Beta LED exterior lighting for 39 of our stores and will continue to use them for all future renovations and new stores.

In an effort to reduce our energy consumption, we make strong use of natural lighting. We use window shades to help keep our stores naturally cooler and use natural lighting to reduce our usage of electric fixtures. We have two dumpsters on most of our premises, one for miscellaneous waste and one for cardboard recycling.

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Our stores are cleaned internally and externally with cleaners that are environmentally safe and friendly. Many Thorntons locations offer both E85 and Biodiesel for energy-efficient automobiles and trucks. Thorntons limits its assistance to organizations that the company selects and solicits based upon our philanthropic guidelines. No child should grow up hungry in America, but one in six children struggles with hunger. Thorntons local store marketing efforts will focus on ending childhood hunger in America by ensuring all children get the healthy food they need, every day in the communities we serve.

Organizations must have been granted c 3 status by the Internal Revenue Service and requests or specific program support are preferable to requests for general operating funds. Special consideration is given to organizations with which Thorntons Inc. If you believe your organization meets these criteria, please contact us at givingback mythorntons.

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Remember to register your card on our Refreshing Rewards app or online at mythorntons. We no longer distribute full-sized rewards cards. Visit mythorntons. How do I register my account? To update your account, click here. Still having trouble? What is an alternate ID and what do I use it for? An alternate ID is the phone number you assign to your Refreshing Rewards account that you can enter at the pump or cash register before you make a purchase instead of swiping a physical RR card so that you receive your fuel discount or get credit for a purchase made in our rewards program.

How do I reset my password to my account? See below. We group our rewards members periodically, so hang tight because you should be receiving a reward soon! In the meantime, please make sure your email address tied to your Refreshing Rewards account is valid and one you check regularly. We send your rewards to that email address as well as load them onto your Refreshing Rewards app. Still not receiving rewards? Contact Guest Services and we will look into the issue. To see a full list of our current Clubs, click here.

Existing guests using a registered Refreshing Rewards card or alternate id phone number. How do I track club status? You can track your punches in each club in the Refreshing Rewards mobile app or by logging into your account at RefreshingReawards. Quantity of earned punches will also show on guest facing POS screen and at bottom of your receipt. What items are included in each of the new clubs? Refer to RefreshingRewards. How do I redeem a Club Reward once earned? How long is the Club Reward good for? Earned Club Rewards are valid for 14 days. Expiration of an earned reward can be viewed in the Refreshing Rewards mobile app or by logging in at RefreshingRewards.

Reward offers can vary and are random.

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How do I set my favorite location? Our app uses GPS to display the location nearest you. You can click on locations to search for our other locations. Setting your favorite location is NOT currently available. My location settings are incorrect. How do I reset my location to see the nearest Thorntons? How do I sign up for the tobacco offers? Click here to sign up or update your communication preferences about tobacco offers. How to receive smoker offers! Become a Refreshing Rewards member and open the Refreshing Rewards mobile app. Click here and login to your Refresh Rewards account.

Click on the My Account link. Next, click on Edit My Account link. You will be able to make any changes to your account such as receiving email offers and receipts. Why is my discount a different amount or on a different day? Our fuel discounts often change in the amount of discount and how often they are sent. Make sure to download our mobile app so that you can always check for available discounts when you visit.

What is Pump First? Click here to learn more. Welcome to the Thorntons Nutrition Center! Condiments Deli Case Fresh fruit available in our deli case. Selection varies by location. General food offering Miscellaneous food offering. Or you may contact us at sites mythorntons.

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